When working with a recruiter, you’ll get some excellent insight into the company as well as the person you’ll be interviewing with. But there are still some things you should do to make the best possible impression during the interview.
Research the company before the interview
Thorough research will reveal what their market strategies are and what type of customers they’re selling to. Network with people already working at the company or within the industry. Call professional organizations the company is associated with, and ask people you know who work at the company about their experience.
Articulate your needs and desires
Companies are hiring because they either need to solve problems or have opportunities that require more employees, which is why the best applicants are those who can articulate how their experience is best for the particular position.
Be professional during the interview
Applicants often commit faux pas that can be excused among friends but that make them less desirable to potential employers. Examples of unprofessional actions include: sharing personal information not relative to the job, speaking ill of a former employer, and appearing too informal or relaxed.
Demonstrate good communication skills
Be prepared to talk with confidence and expertise about who you are and why you’re the best fit. Practice the basics of communication before going to the interview. Listen, respond, and don’t talk over the other person. At the same time don’t be dull or fear showing enthusiasm. Find the right balance.
Keep it professional
Don’t put your social network identification on your resume or mention it in the interview. Make sure your voice mail message reflects a professional attitude. Use an email address with your name before the @ sign from a professional email address provider. And in this day of casual dress, a suit always makes a good impression on an employer, even if you won’t be required to wear one on the job.